Paris days 23-28: Election, Video-editing, and (even) more Left Bank…

So, this is my last night in Paris…

Has been an interesting time to be here with the election going on and the day-to-day switching at Marx Dormoy Metro station (my nearest) between student-aged people handing out leaflets of Hollande and Sarkozy. It was also quite entertaining to see a small girl (maybe 7 or 8) take a Sarkozy leaflet from one of them only to have her mother violently rip it out of her hand and throw it to the ground in disgust. Might be a sign of things to come in a few days…[fingers crossed…].

Last week ended with some video editing of the video we collected in Gare du Nord with Damien and Laure (safe to say their Premier Pro skills significantly outstrip mine). Was quite a challenge as we were trying to synchronise 4 different video clips taken around the same time in Gare du Nord, but from different angles so turned into a game of ‘spot the man in the high-viz vest’. Effectively, it’s producing something that approximates, but does something deliberately different from, a bank of CCTV monitors. Once I’ve got the final version I might post a couple of still on here. We’ll also be doing the same with some of the video we took in St Pancras, and this will all feed into a book chapter I’ll be taking the lead on writing (hopefully) for a book on video methods (particularly focusing on how the multiple angles used allow us to see spaces differently/some points around perception and orientation)…

Oh, and that was all fuelled by some pastries from the best bakery I’ve encountered while here…


[How all working breakfasts should be fuelled…]

The weekend was largely touristy with (more) time spend in Jardin du Luxembourg (by far my favourite Parisian park), a brief visit to Jardin des Plantes, a trip to Marais, and a visit to the Louvre. For the latter, I think I was more impressed with the building/setting itself than the artwork to be honest. The Mona Lisa crowd was also probably more striking for me than the painting itself, and that was even going during the Friday evening late-night opening…


The past couple of days have been quiet, with more progress on my ‘Spaces of Affect’ chapter for the media geography book. Have gotten through affect and film and now reading/writing about affect and computer games. The final section I’ll need to write is on sound should come together pretty quickly as is all stuff I’ve written about before/have a clearer starting point in my head for it.

 [Hard at work in the apartment]

And speaking of sound, given tomorrow I head back to Plymouth/will fly into Exeter, it seems fitting that this has been written while listening to ‘Show of Hands‘ [see this for a couple of Plymouth geographers’ take on it]…

About Paul Simpson

I am currently a lecturer in Human Geography in the School of Physical and Geographical Sciences at Keele University. I've previously lectured at Plymouth University, and again at Keele before that. I completed my PhD (titled 'Ecologies of Street Performance: Bodies, Affects, Politics') at the University of Bristol in 2009.
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