PhD Thesis

I’ve recently discovered that the University of Bristol has still not digitised my thesis. As such, for posterity’s sake, I’ve decided to upload it here:

Ecologies of Street Performance COMPLETE AND FINAL.

That said, the bulk of this has been published in various forms (or is forthcoming) in various journals…

– Chapter 4 contains material related to my papers on ‘Chronic Everyday Life’, ‘Street Performance and the City’, and ‘Apprehending Everyday Rhythms’;

– Material from chapters 3 and 5 contributed to my Area paper on video methods;

– Chapters 1 and 5 developed into my paper on ‘Ecologies of Experience’;

– And chapter 7 is very similar to my EPA paper on ‘a postphenomenology of sonorous presence’.

If you plan to cite from it, please look to the paper publications mentioned above for the definitive form of argument etc..


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