Works in Progress

Listed below are a series of papers and chapters I am currently working on (or are floating around in the back of my minded waiting to be written). Some of these may be in a shareable state, so get in touch if you are interested in reading any of them and I’ll see what I can do…

Simpson, P.  (under review) ‘What remains of the intersubjective: on the presencing of self and other’. Invited contribution to a themed issue of ‘Emotion, Space and Society’ titled ‘Affective Ontologies. Post-human Perspectives on Feeling, Critique and the Self’ edited by Gerda Roelvink and Magdalena Zolkos.

 Ash, J. and Simpson, P.  (under review) ‘Geography and Post-phenomenology’.

Simpson, P. (sketchy draft) ‘The Affection of the Object: a post-phenomenology of becoming aware’.

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