Geography and Post-phenomenology

Interesting post from James Ash here on what a ‘post-phenomenology’ might refer to (in the context of discussing the background of our upcoming RGS-IBG session). James and I will be co-writing a paper to set up the sessions and so this will be expanding on these sorts of points in that…

Bouncing off these points, I would also mentioned:

a) the implications a de-centred/emergent subject has for how we can understand intersubjectivity – is there is no preexistent, given subject to enter into a relation, how can we be present to and for other subjects?

b) echoing critiques of humanistic geography’s phenomenological leanings, where does something like ‘the social’ (however problematic that might be as a term) sit when it comes to the appearing of the work/phenomenality.

There’s more to add here, but I think that will have to wait until we actually start writing!

About Paul Simpson

I am currently a lecturer in Human Geography in the School of Physical and Geographical Sciences at Keele University. I've previously lectured at Plymouth University, and again at Keele before that. I completed my PhD (titled 'Ecologies of Street Performance: Bodies, Affects, Politics') at the University of Bristol in 2009.
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