Paris Fellowship

Having just got back to Plymouth after my first couple of days at Keele University, I will be heading to Paris tomorrow for four weeks as a visiting fellow at Université de Cergy-Pontoise to work with Damien Masson (who I’m collaborating with on a research project called ‘Sensory Enigmas of Contemporary Urban Mobilities – some details here).

I’m going to try to keep something of a diary of my stay on here which will mix reflections of the writing we’re doing (which will be focused on the themes of ambience, atmosphere, and security/surveillance), fieldwork activities, the touristy things I do, and more general thoughts and reflections. Hopefully this will mean a slightly higher volume on posts on here…

About Paul Simpson

I am currently a lecturer in Human Geography in the School of Physical and Geographical Sciences at Keele University. I've previously lectured at Plymouth University, and again at Keele before that. I completed my PhD (titled 'Ecologies of Street Performance: Bodies, Affects, Politics') at the University of Bristol in 2009.
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3 Responses to Paris Fellowship

  1. SK. says:

    Dear Paul,

    My University does not have a subscription to soc-cul journal, I am really interested in your work and would wanted to ask if I could perhaps be emailed a copy of Abrahamsson, S. & Simpson, P. (2011) The limits of the body: boundaries, capacities, thresholds. Social and Cultural Geography.

    Many thanks.

  2. Paul Simpson says:

    SK. I can send this if you give me your email address. Paul

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